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The Role of Interaction to Acquire a Second Language

The Role of Interaction to Acquire a Second Language
In our previous article we described a typical scenario that most adult second language learners face today. They want to master a language and they want to do it fast. After some brief research on the Internet, they decide to invest a huge amount of money on the latest "failure-proof" Spanish course supposedly created by experts that made so many people speak overnight! (One wonders where these speakers are!) After working hard watching videos and doing grammar and vocabulary exercises time and again, they come to the conclusion that, although they may have learned lots of vocabulary and phrases, if they had to engage in a real conversation with a real native speaker of the language, they would be in deep trouble.I am sure that many of you will feel identified with this situation and unfortunately, this is a common scenario nowadays. Adult learners are usually lured by the mere thought of learning Spanish (or any other la…

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