What Are the Most Interesting Secrets of Gouldian Finches?

What Are the Most Interesting Secrets of Gouldian Finches?

It is very obvious that gouldian finches are among the most beautiful pets around the world. Their vivid and extremely charming colors make them irresistible to many people who enjoy watching these special creatures. Because of their really amusing appearance and color varieties, they are also known as rainbow finches. They originate from Australia and they do not have natural habitats in any other part of the world. Even in their homeland, their number seriously declined in the last few decades due to a number of factors, one of which is, sadly, the human impact.

Producing noise definitely is not their habit. You can keep them at home without any fear of headaches caused by their excessive whistling. Just place yourself comfortably and you are ready to enjoy their cute chirping, soft and unobtrusive. One of the most interesting facts about them is that only male gouldians can sing. That is one of the few reasons why males are widely considered as more attractive than females. Another, and certainly larger reason, is that female colors are less bright, but in spite of this they are still very attractive. Males and females have entrancing markings including red, black, yellow, and green. Males always have purple chest, as opposed to females. However, mutations are possible; for example, blue or albino finches can be also found.

Gouldians, or if you prefer, rainbow finches, are one-season monogamous birds. This means that if a male dies, the female will not be ready to mate until the next breeding season. Same thing happens if the female is lost. The reason is simple and worthy of respect: during the season of breeding, the pair builds a relatively strong emotional bond. The next season they have no problem introducing another bird as a replacement.

They are social birds and prefer to live in groups; therefore it is completely wrong to try housing only one finch. A gouldian will never build a real relationship with human and in the end, loneliness will kill it. They keep their friendly behavior and the group could include other finches and even little parrots. Keep them away from aggressive finches and larger birds, like doves, that could cause them stress or seriously harm them. If you have only one gouldian, make sure that its mating partner is a finch of the same kind.

These finches are very sensitive and only a slight lack of attention or a stressful situation can disturb their well-being. Unlike parrots, finches do not like being petted or being held. Frequent changes in their environment could easily make your finches feel uncomfortable. Stress eventually weakens their health and resistance to illnesses, which could be fatal for these birds. Natural sunlight should be provided in order to maintain their health and their jolly behavior. Shade is also needed. Most breeders recommend an approximate temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) or higher. The level of humidity should be at least 50 percent or higher.

It is interesting to notice that they are avid when they have access to large amounts of live foods. Excessive eating leads to obesity, which could cause sterility in males.

They are special birds that require some specific care in order to remain joyful and happy. So, it is fair to say that they are not recommended for beginners and people with a lack of experience and enthusiasm. Note that proper and balanced nutrition are very important.

It is best to buy gouldians from an experienced finch enthusiast, who would always be ready to help you by offering small, but very important advices for your birds. You can also share your own experiences with other finch enthusiasts and breeders. These little finches deserve the best.


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